Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend we celebrated Christmas with LauraAnn and David, and the twins (John David and Bella Ann)!   The babies are adorable and getting very close to walking!  I thought I was going to get Bella Ann walking this weekend, but she only managed to take a couple steps before falling into me.  I think the falling part at the end was her favorite part.  She will probably walk first because she seems to really love the attention she is getting for it.  John David, on the other hand is more happy to watch the monogramming machine, TV or laptop than try to walk.  Here are some random pictures from the weekend.  I only have a few, and only of John David for some reason..  First, here are a few pictures from a sewing project Kate started at 9pm on Thursday night!

She was attempting to sew three tote bags, and these are all of the straps for the bags.  You can see the project is beginning to get to her.  This is where she started to lose it.

Here she has given up, and Momma has taken over to try and help out.  I took more of an instructional approach during this project...from the couch, while watching Miracle on 34th Street...

Finally, she was able to recompose herself, and get one of the bags done!  Yay Kate!!

I found this rug for $25 at Goodwill.  I couldn't resist buying it, as I'm sure I'll need it someday.  It was in great condition!  I am picturing it on wood floors, with a vintage chest for a coffee table, in front of a fireplace!

Momma and John David in watching Daddy's laptop. 

All three of them.  He was propped up on Daddy's shoulder forever watching the laptop, and examining the pictures from the wildlife camera! 

Unfortunately, that is all the pictures I took this weekend.  LauraAnn took alot, and hopefully, I'll be able to put some more up once she gets them to us.

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