Friday, December 9, 2011

Weekend Update

Well, since I've been spending my evenings this week, wandering around the malls trying to get ideas for Christmas presents, and hoping to find a winter addition to my work wardrobe (with no luck so far), I haven't been getting on the computer much after work, or taking too many pictures.  But this weekend, I hope to knock out a couple more presents.  I plan to repaint Daniel's bench and pick out the fabric for the seat.  I'll also go ahead and get any other little things like decorative nailheads or whatever else the craft store inspires in me.  Since I don't have much to put in my blog right now, I thought I'd link you up to one of my favorite blogs that has a tutorial on redo-ing a bench similar to mine. (which has been riding around in the backseat of my car for over a week now) A drive thru person actually commented on it the other day.

The blog is called Young House Love, and it is a young family that posts about upgrading/remodeling their house on a budget through Do It Yourself projects.  Click Here to check it out!

Also, tonight is my work Holiday Party!  Should be lots of fun and an excuse to get semi dressed up.  The dress is "Holiday Casual"  and I'm alittle afraid that my casual might be alittle more casual than the bigwigs I work with, so I've been asking around, and it turns out it is a good thing I did.  Looks like Holiday Casual translates to the same thing we wear everyday at the office...I'm going to try and add alittle red and sparkly though!

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