Tuesday, December 6, 2011

UGA experienced quite a brutal loss this weekend to LSU in the SEC Championship.  We had hope the first half, and even went to halftime with the lead.  This didn't last long after the 2nd half kicked off.  LSU intercepted the ball right away, and I think everyone knew that was it.  They came out ready to go!  And that's what they did.  With a final score of 42-10, there was no need for a rematch. 

Jen's dad dropped us off at the Blue Lot which was designated UGA tailgate zone, and we met up with a lot of her sister's friends.  From right to left above, that's Jen, Me, and Joanne (one of her sister's friends).

This guy above in the middle is kind of a Bulldog legend!  He is at every game, and he always paints his head!  From right to left, Me, Jen, crazy fan, Katie, Taylor (Jen's sister).

The tailgate right next to us was nice enough to let me check out their food selection and take away a ham sandwich and some potatoes!  Instant friends at tailgates are the best!

After the game, we took the MARTA to meet Jen's dad in midtown where my car was parked.  Overall a good day!  I don't think many UGA fan's actually believed in their heart of hearts that we would win, so it was almost cruel to give us hope in the first half and then completely fall apart in the second!

A few random side notes:

*Last night, I finally met up with the craigslist lady, who sold me Daniel's bench.  It is in the back of my car right now.  So, now all I have to do is sand, prime, paint, and recover! 
*I just paid for the 6 month extension on my Marketing Research Certificate class.  It was only $50, and I just couldn't admit that I paid for it and didn't do it.  Plus, I want it on my resume! 
*I didn't get the Hire Heroes job, so that's a bummer.  However, I am constantly on the look-out.  In fact, tonight when I get home, I'll be taking a 2.5 hour Aptitude/Personality test for one of the jobs I've applied for.  Good lord - that's almost as long as the SAT!  At least they'll know how smart and likeable I am! ha

*update: you spell it peruse! i feel so much better knowing that!

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