Friday, December 16, 2011

The Bench!! Finally

Finally I've got internet!  Here are the steps it took to go from this:

To This:

First, I picked out all my colors and fabric:

Then, I took the bench outside and primed it.  I sanded it alittle before I used a spray primer on it.  A can of primer would have worked just as well, but I already had a can of spray primer from the Chalkboard wine glasses, and the drying time is about 1/8th of the time. I can get alittle impatient with projects, so this was the best option for me!

Since it was so windy outside, I decided to take it inside for the next step.  So, I covered the dining room table and got started on the Pumpernickle Brown paint. This took 3 coats, with about an hour drying time between each coat.  The can said 4 hours between coats, but it turned out great without the waiting.   

Next, I added the decorative nail heads in Bronze.  I measured the middle of the bench and then kept breaking it half and then half again, so that the nail heads were evenly spaced. 

Here's what it looked like after the paint dried and the nailheads were in place.  That is the original fabric.

Finally, I borrowed a staple gun from Betsy's sister and was able to recover the cushion in the fabric I found for $5! 


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