Friday, April 15, 2011

lifestyles of the rich and famous

Having never been to a Braves game before last week, I'd say two in one week is pretty impressive.  I was worried that I may have some sort of curse on the Bravos, but I was informed that they just really aren't that good...  Regardless, both times have been great fun!  Last night I was alittle spoiled and watched the game from Suite #11 in the Golden Moon Casino level of the stadium.  Thank you Tishman Speyer!!  We had free food and drinks and a choice of seats inside or outside (with ceiling fans of course).  It was pretty "suite"....ha.  We even had a pac-Man game!  My favorite part by far has to be the private bathroom with real toilet paper!

I was alittle dissappointed in the turnout of last night's game.  There were SO many empty seats.  Maybe the team just needs to be shown alittle love. 

Here's a fun little poll if you feel like commenting. Every batter gets to pick a song that plays when they go up to bat.  What would yours be?  Mine is definitely Stand Up and Get Crunk.  My co-worker's is Come on Feel the Noise (pretty good choice I think).

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