Wednesday, April 27, 2011

boppin' em on the head

Last weekend was Easter!  I had Good Friday off from work, so it was a nice long weekend.  I had a leisurely (long) drive home to Thomasville, exploring the back roads of Georgia.  Drove through some interesting places: Kilpatrick's Raid historical site, Zebulon, GA (named after Zebulon Pike who discovered Pikes Peak), Andersonville (Civil War Prison), and a Tyson Chicken plant (peeeewww).  A highlight of the day was the "Christian Ministries and Car Sales" that I passed by somewhere around Lovejoy....oh the things you can find in Georgia.   
Saturday, Kate and I helped get the house ready for the Derby party.  We washed the siding on the front and back of the house; taking turns being the brusher and the water sprayer.  I'm sure it would be quite a task by yourself, but we got it done pretty quickly.  Next, we spread grass seed in the backyard and set up the sprinkler.  Our last task was to help Daddy cut boards to brace the fence gate.  This resulted in only a few disagreements about angles and mathematics, so I'd say it went smoothly. 
Enter Grandma Jones, and the afternoon of baking.  Kate and I kicked it off with some Easter cupcakes, and then we (by we, I mean we watched Grandma Jones) made a beautiful 4 layer coconut cake!  It was definitely a hit at lunch.
Sunday we went to church and then headed to Tallahassee for a lovely lunch with the family.  We were missing a few faces this year though.  Susu, Becca, and Daniel were missed!!  After stuffing ourselves to the limit, we played a quick and really awful game of bocce ball and got back on the road.  The drive back was pretty uneventful, except for Kate's impressive psychic radio powers.  She would say a song she wanted to hear and then it would be the very next song that played.  That happened more than once. 
Did you know that at the end of the song, Little Bunny Foofoo is turned into a goon??

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