Thursday, April 7, 2011

And so it begins....

Today I decided to live a more exciting life.  To say yes to things that are different/interesting/fun...things that I might usually pass on.  So, I've adopted sort of a "Yes Man" approach to life.  I've recruited my sister, Kate, and my trusty PIC, Betsy, who have agreed to blindly participate in my bucket list of sorts and maybe add some things of their own to the list.  Together we are going to fight boredom, push our boundaries, and have loads of random fun in the process.   I can't wait!!

First up, this weekend Kate and I will be going to my first Major League Baseball game!  The Atlanta Braves at Turner Field, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  The Braves will be defending their perfect record this weekend at home against the Phillies (they have played and won one game so far).  I've been instructed by my dad to "Take your mitt, you might get a pop up"!!...i wish!! - I'm pretty sure our seats are out of pop up range...  Did I mention there is a post-game, free Avett Brothers concert!  LOVE THEM! 

Stay tuned for updates and pictures of our adventures!  Next on the horizon...saw a billboard for a Nascar race at Talladega next I really need an excuse to dust off my tent, and put on my jean shorts and cowboy hat???

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  1. YAY! you silly blogger. i can't wait to hear about the braves game! i am so excited for you. also, holler at me when you are planning your talledega trip cause i am down. welcome to yes world!