Monday, April 25, 2011

better late than never...

Saturday morning, I went and picked 2 gallons of strawberries at Washington Farms in Loganville, GA.  I intend to make jam out of them, but should probably go ahead and freeze them since I won't be able to accomplish the jam-making this week.  It was a beautiful day, and the strawberries were bright red and HUGE!...and I didn't have to combine my bucket with anyone elses.  These are all mine!  The second half of Saturday turned out to be a lazy day which included my favorite marathon...NCIS. 

 That night, Kate persuaded me to let her stay in Atlanta after her Tim McGraw concert, go to the Sweetwater Festival on Sunday, and then take her back to Athens that evening.  Well...I'm glad she did because Sunday ended up being a great day.  It didn't quite go as planned, but turned out pretty fantastic anyway.  I went to work monogramming for a few hours Sunday morning, and we set out for the Festival around 2pm.  Atlanta had a lot going on this weekend (2 festivals, Braves at home, concerts, etc.), so traffic was miserable!  After we spent at least 45 minutes trying to get to Candler Park, and alittle traffic induced anxiety set in, we decided to ditch the plans and get outta there!!  Plan A. We quickly generated a new plan to escape Atlanta, go on to Athens and find something fun to do there. 

 While sitting in the Taco Bell drive thru for lunch, we smelled the most glorious smell ever!  Someone was grilling out somewhere.  You know the smell - one neighbor starts their grill up and its almost a chain reaction around the neighborhood as the scent reaches every house.  Before you know it, everyone is driving to Publix to get something to grill.  Well...we couldn't get it out of our heads that we had to grill out for dinner, so once we got to Athens, we set out to make it happen.  After going to a few grill-less parks, we ended up at Memorial Park.  Once we found the grill, we went to Publix to buy all the necessities; charcoal, meat, seasoning, plates, potato salad, aluminum foil, and sweet tea...I got steak and Kate got salmon.  The grill lit and stayed lit until the coals were ready (which is kind of miraculous, as I tend to have trouble with grills).  After the first few bites, and a few minutes of admiring how great we are at cooking on a grill in a park, a loud speaker came on informing us that we need to leave...the park is closing.  So, we quickly threw everything back into my newly acquired grilling bag (which will be kept in my car for spur of the moment grill-outs), and finished our dinner in the car at the Intramural least here there was a bathroom to wash our dishes.  Success! 

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