Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's the hap-happiest season of all!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is behind us, and that it has already been 10 days since my last blog post.  I feel like I'm stuck in some sort of time-warp, and that time has somehow sped up.  The days are flying by! 

Yesterday I was scrolling through craigslist. (Side Note* I was going to use the word parusing, but wasn't sure about the spelling.  After looking for it in the dictionary - with no luck - I am not even sure it's a real word)  I like to look through craigslist fairly often in hopes of finding good deals, and interesting side job opportunities.  And yesterday, was quite a successful craigslist day.  I found numerous opportunities for alittle extra cash - leaf cleanup, transcribing a book, helping someone sell their handmade furniture...  I emailed them all, but so far the only one to get back to me was the handmade furniture guy.  So - if anyone needs some rustic, log cabin style handmade furniture...I'm your girl!  Here is a picture of an end table that is selling in a set for $65...that's a steal!  You can get 2 end tables and a coffee table for only $100!

Who has two thumbs and wants to sell you some furniture?  You guessed it! ME!

I may not be super successful at gaining him business, but I figured it couldn't hurt...and I actually think the furniture is very cool!

Anyone interested in a walk down memory lane to look at my past craigslist finds?? I thought you might be...

My dining room table and chairs for $30, My super comfy living room chair and ottoman for $30, Kate's super comfy and oh so stylish living room chair for $20, and we can't forget that craigslist is how I found my monogramming job! 

I've been wanting so badly to update you on all of my do-it-yourself Christmas gifts, but I can't let any secrets out, so I'll have to post about all that after Christmas.  I will however, share another craigslist find that I am turning into a Christmas present for Daniel.  (I think it's safe to say he will not be reading my blog).  I found this bench yesterday, and plan to recover it and repaint it for Daniel.  I thought it would be nice in an entryway or at the foot of the bed, and would be the perfect place to sit to put his boots on!

It is solid wood and the legs and cushion are both in good condition.  I'll post pictures as the project progresses.  I probably won't get the cushion recovered until the next time down south, as I do not have a staple gun up here with me...bummer!

I've decorated for Christmas and had another fire last night! These pictures aren't the best since I took them on my phone, but you can get the idea.

I'm having my second Jewelry trunk show tomorrow night! Cross your fingers that I sell lots of jewelry and makes lots of commission!  Also, don't forget that jewelry is a lovely christmas gift - CLICK HERE to paruse my website!

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