Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Michelle came for a visit!

Michelle was in town last week!  She got into town Tuesday night and then rode down with me on Friday.  I dropped her off in Valdosta, where her brother met us to take her to Thomasville. 

Thursday night we decided to get crafty!  Michelle wanted to try something she had seen online, where you dip the bottom of a wine glass in chalkboard paint, so that you can write who's glass it is - and then erase it and have a clean slate for the next person that uses it.  Since we were getting crafty, I decided I was going to paint the chairs that sit on my balcony...FINALLY!  So, we went to Lowe's and Michelle got the Chalkboard paint and I got some spray paint for my chairs.  I went with a bright aqua color.  We also went to Marshall's where Michelle got a set of 4 wine glasses, and I got a pair of comfy new boots for winter. 

After meeting a few friends for Taco Thursday, we headed home and decided that it was cold enough for a fire.  So we built one and started on our crafts.  Everything turned out really great.  Unfortunately, I don't have a finished picture of Michelle's wine glasses, but I will get her to email me one when she actually uses them.

By the fire - Those are the boots I got from Marshall's.  Comfy Cozy!

Michelle about to dip the glasses in the chalk paint.  We had already taped them off and primed.  We're hoping the primer helps it to stick to the glass better.   They should probably be hand washed to help with that too.

Spray painting the chairs. 

And the finished look!  I wasn't sure how I felt about them at first, but I think they are growing on me.  I still have the small table that matches in the back of my car, and it needs to be painted, and the bench that is still in Thomasville.

I just realized that in my last post, I forgot to mention/photo document when Jen and I went on a horseback trailride.  Maybe I can put some pictures up from that tonight.

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