Thursday, January 12, 2012


Well, I don't have much to talk about today.  This week hasn't been too exciting.  My days have mainly been - work, gym, dinner, and trying to get in bed early-ish.  Even though my week has been fairly boring, I did make strides for an exciting weekend yesterday.  I picked up our tickets for Cavalia's new show Odysseo.  It's basically Cirque de Soleil with horses!  They dropped the prices after the holidays by $23 dollars, making it alittle more affordable!

I cleaned my room last night in preparation for Momma, Daddy and Kate's arrival.  Actually, to be honest - I'm cleaning in preparation for Lucy's arrival.  Yes!  Lucy is coming to Atlanta!  This will be her first long roadtrip, so it will be quite an experience for all of us.  The problem is that if we kenneled her this weekend, she would have to be there 5 nights because of the holiday weekend.  So, she's making the trip. 

I'm sure she will be just perfect the whole time...

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